COVID-19 Arrangements

COVID-19 Arrangements

The Church is now open for Lord’s Day services. We will meet each Sunday for public worship at 12.00noon only. This service will be conducted in English.  

Due to  COVID-19 Scottish Government restrictions, a capacity limit, while observing the 2-metre physical distancing rule, is now imposed on all church buildings. This move to a capacity limit will not have much impact on the limit of 50 that we can accommodate due to the size of the building until such time as the 2-metre physical distancing rule is relaxed.   

Please follow the process below to register your intention to attend the Sunday service, ensuring that you complete the Data Consent Form if this is your first time attending services during COVID-19 arrangements.  

Please note that your registration to attend the Sunday service for the first time does not cover the attendance requirements for future Sundays. You must register your intention to attend on a weekly basis. 

Attending Church

Step 1

Read and understand the guidance document

Step 2

Register online to attend

Step 3

If you have not filled in the data consent form, please email it to [email protected] or fill one in when you attend

Step 4

Arrive at church on Sunday. Remember to bring a mask with you. 

You can read our data privacy notice here